Genshiken Episode 1

Basically a show about a "Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" club (Genshiken), and a guy, Makoto, who's a freshman in college who's wondering if he should join. He's a big fan of the anime "Kujibiki Unbalance" which is a big hit with the club as well, tho he's finding it hard to fit in until a certain incident (lol). Oh and there's a guy, Sasahara, in the club that has a kind-of girlfriend (in other words the girl thinks they're dating but the guy is clueless) and that's pretty funny too, he's definetly my favorite character of the bunch.

This show was a little boring, but I can definetly relate to it. The spying incident was pretty hilarious tho and I will probably keep watching this show, but may not keep blogging it.

Go to:

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6 & 7


Anyways, here's the score for the season so far:

What I will keep watching and blogging...

Kannazuki no Miko (probably)
Yakitate!! Ja-pan (probably)
Gankutsuou (probably)

What I will keep watching but probably not blog and why...

Bleach - may blog once in awhile, but I don't think the art is real great or anything, and I'm watching it with my friends so it's a pain to go back thru and cap it (yes, I am lazy)
Final Approach - Just not that impressed by it, generic art, not much stuff to cap really...
School Rumble - may keep blogging it but I'm not that big of a fan of this show
Grenadier - I'm sure the caps would be repetitive, but maybe I'll keep capping, not sure yet.

Not gonna watch most likely...

W ~Wish~ - boooooring, love the opening tho

Not seen yet...

Rozen Maiden


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