Rozen Maiden Episode 1


Jun is a young boy who loves to collect miscellaneous junk, mostly stuff that has to do with curses and voodoo. Whatever he doesn't like, he sends back to get his money back. Of course he makes his poor sister, Nori, do everything for him while he confines himself to his room ordering things off the internet, not even leaving to eat dinner with her. One day he gets a strange box that appears on his floor (due to a letter he was told to place in his desk drawer) and inside is a strange wind-up doll. He winds her up and she comes to life and can even speak, telling him her name is Shinku! Soon after she awakens, a clown doll comes crashing through the window, weilding razor-sharp playing cards and knives. It attacks Jun, and Shinku tells him he will die unless he makes a pact with her by kissing her rose ring. He reluctantly does so which causes an identical ring to appear on his finger. Shinku then uses Jun's energy to awaken some of the dolls in his room and defeats the clown doll. Then Shinku wants some tea..


Pretty cute show, although I am terrified of creepy life-like dolls and evil clowns, so it was a little scary for me, but I survived. The opening by ALI PROJECT was cool, and definetly fit the tone of the show. I can't get over how much of a jerk Jun is for being so mean to his poor sister. Hopefully Shinku will whip him into shape pretty soon and he'll be nicer. Oh, and the next episode introduces a cute doll that seems less creepy, so I should be ok.

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episodes 5&6
Episodes 7-12


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