School Rumble Episode 1


Not too much story here really. Basically about a 2nd year high school girl, Tsukamoto Tenma (resident klutz and very adorable girl), who is in love with a guy at her school that she finds out is transferring the next day (no caps of him cause his char design is really simple and ugly). Anyways, she writes him a love scroll (apparently she had a lot to say...) and of course forgets to sign it. However, he ends up postponing his transfer because the scroll begs him to stay, even though he doesn't know who wrote it (wow, smart guy). Meanwhile the school delinquent, Harima Kenji, is in love with Tenma and writes her a love note as well, though he also didn't sign his. So both Tenma and Harima are trying to find ways to be with their respective love interests more so they both come up with the idea (seperately) to ride bikes to school with that person. A bike chase ensues, and that's basically the end of the episode.

My Take:

My first impression of this show is that the opening really sucks, and my second impression was that Tenma is really cute. Anyways, nothing real exciting here. I read some of this manga I think, but it wasn't incredibly interesting to me. There were a few humorous moments in the show, but overall I thought it was pretty boring. The guy Tenma is in love with (Karasuma) has absolutely zero personality and zero character design, so I don't really get why she likes him (but maybe there's a point to all that). Harima is pretty funny sometimes, though I don't really get why he likes Tenma either besides her being cute. Also, the bike thing was really waaaay too drawn out and I got bored really quickly during that. Oh and the girl in the last 2 caps is one of Tenma's friends, and that was the result of the bike chase going past her...

I may give this a few more episodes before I decide to drop it, but that's only if time allows. There's just too many good shows to watch!

Episode 2


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Gerardo Rivas said...

hi, i´cant speak English...but I have Comentary...only my comentary is in Espanish...
jejeje bueno me encanta School Rumble y creo que las imagenes que pusistes de los dos capitulos estan execelente, suerte en todo lo que hagas y sigue viendo School Rumble


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