School Rumble Episode 2


Part one: Tenma forgets to write her name on her English test and Harima spends the whole test trying to notify her of this. He comes to the conclusion to put her name on his test which recieves a zero... smart guy.

Part two: Tenma tries to get out of the bathroom without Karasuma seeing her (for some reason she doesn't want him to know she has normal bodily functions?) and scales the school wall only to have him be standing below.

Part three: It's school health check day and Tenma stresses over gaining weight while dying to know Karasuma's vital stats. She disguises herself as a nurse so she can be in on the measuring, but when entering the Doctor's office finds that Harima had the same idea for her...


The first and third part were pretty funny, but the 2nd part was just dumb. Why would she be embarrassed for him to see her come out of the bathroom? That's just weird. In any case, this show is pretty funny, and I'll keep watching it I think (tho I may not keep blogging it unless anyone wants me to).

Episode 1


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