Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Episode 1

Okay, watched the subbed version, so I'm good to go. =)


Kouhei is a spirit photographer (although he can't see ghosts) who comes across a huge eerie castle that is said to be haunted. He takes pictures around the outside of the castle, and sees a young girl sitting on a ledge of the castle who poses for him. The next day he develops the pictures, but no cute girl, so he's disappointed. His editor, Hiromi, is pleased with the pictures tho and she, a spiritual medium guy (Seiji) and Kouhei return to the castle to take more pictures. However, there is a barrier around that castle that only Kouhei seems to be able to cross (related to the fact that he can't see or sense spirits). Once in the castle, Kouhei takes pictures when he comes across the young girl again. She introduces herself as Hazuki and takes him out into the courtyard of the castle. Kouhei tells her he wants her to model for some pictures, but Hazuki wants to give him a "present" first. As she leans forward (to kiss him maybe?), Kouhei pushes her back in suprise. Hazuki acts hurt and he gets embarrassed and says she can try again, but this time they are interrupted by her servant(?), Vigo. He has vines twine around both of them but Seiji sends energy attacks at Vigo. While they battle, Hazuki asks the vines to release them. She goes to Kouhei and tells him she still wants to give him his present, and leans forward... to bite his neck =O.

My Take:

Wow, sorry about the bad story summary, just really hard to summarize this show well. Anyways, this show is incredibly cute in a scary way, but Hazuki is just irresistably adorable (come on, a vampire cat girl, how cute is that). The Opening song is kinda weird cause it's well.. just watch it sometime, it's hard to really explain. Anyways, love this show, will definetly keep watching, end of story.

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