Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Episode 2

Sorry about the Hazuki picture fest, lol. But she's just sooooo irresistibly cute!


After biting Kouhei, Hazuki expects him to become her servant, which he does not. This results in her getting very angry (which is very cute), and she still tries to get him to break the crystal ball that holds the power to bind her to the castle. Kouhei refuses, but they are attacked by Vigo who causes the castle to attack them. Luckily Midou-sensei helps out by attacking Vigo, giving Kouhei enough time to break the ball. Once tha ball is broken, the spell that turns Hazuki into Luna is broken and she is no longer stuck in the castle. However, Hazuki fades away in front of Kouhei's eyes.

Kouhei returns to Japan again a little depressed about Hazuki. When he enters his house (apparently he and Midou are living with the same guy) he sees an nekomimi-less Hazuki!


Yay! Another cute episode. Hazuki's reaction to Kouhei not becoming her servant was hilarious. Hopefully the change of scenery won't change the interaction between those two.

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