Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Episode 3

Hazuki arrives in Japan in search of her mother who left her in the castle in Germany 2 years ago. She had used Kouhei to help her escape so she could finally go look for her mother, but was still upset that he hadn't become her servant. Somehow she ends up living with him and the others, and Kouhei's grandfather reveals that she is a vampire. It seems that Kouhei was also abandoned by his mother when he was young and she died soon after. He tells Hazuki that her mother abandoned her and she leaves the house very upset. Kouhei feels bad and goes to look for her and takes her to the house where her mom used to live. There the house is empty but a black cat leads them to a small pond where Hazuki talks to the spirit of her mother.


This episode had some great hilarious moments. I'm definetly a huge fan of this show and hope it will keep living up to the first few episodes. I love how the fact that Kouhei wasn't affected by her at all was that he is an idiot basically lol.

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