Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Episode 4

Kouhei's grandfather lets Hazuki stay at the house on the condition that she help clean and work at the store that he owns (and apparently she's a very good salesman)... oh and that she has to wear the cat ears. The full moon finally comes and Hazuki begins to thirst for blood again. She attempts to get some more from Kouhei, but he of course refuses, so she goes out to find a new slave. Kouhei chases after her just in time to push a guy Hazuki found into a fountain, who then comes back with his friends and proceed to beat Kouhei senseless. This causes Hazuki to summon her power which alerts the blonde-haired girl who had been following her to finally appear...


I loved in this episode when Kouhei offered Hazuki the tomato juice and she poured it out! Kinda reminded me of Gabriel from Tennimon, when he was drinking the tomato juice and came across Mimiru (apparently tomato juice is a common substitute for blood?).

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At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should mention something on your blog about that awesome Ten ten anime. The best series ever made.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Jeni said...

Kent? >/


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