Uta∽Kata Episode 2


Ichika and Manatsu go to Ichika's school for some summer activity (which apparently only 1st years go to, so Ichika is the only older girl there) and runs into one of her friends, Maki, who is with an older guy "friend", Ryo. The guy hits on Ichika and asks for her number, much to the distaste of Maki. Later that day, the twins come over to tutor Ichika but she's decided to go to the library with Manatsu. Ryo shows up and offers to take the girls out to get ice cream, then tells Ichika he wants something in return. They of course assume the worst and run away from him, and he gives chase. They reach a park area and Ryo grabs the back of Ichika's dress which tears the front of it open. Maki shows up (one of her friends saw Ryo chasing the girls and called her) and Ryo begins yelling at her. Manatsu tells Ichika to call on one of the dieties (which this time is the Moon god) and she transforms creating a bright light to alert passer-bys. Kai (one of the twins) also shows up and proceeds to kick Ryo's ass. Kai points out that Maki likes Ryo and they walk away holding hands (awww...), and Ichika and Manatsu fly off in the sky together.


Another good episode, so I'm happy. They did turn up the fanservice on this one a little, which I'm not sure if I'm real thrilled about (it just seems kind of out of place sometimes), but it's all good.

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