W ~Wish~ (Double Wish) Episode 1


Twin brother and sister, Junna and Senna, are approached at school by a teacher who is concerned about their living situation. Their parents died in a car crash when they were young, and they are now living alone together. The teacher is worried that it is unhealthy for them to live together as they are getting older, and suggests they move into the school dorms. Junna refuses saying that his sister is the only family he has and he wants to be with her.

My Take:

First off, I wanna say that I really love the opening song, it's very catchy and pretty. Anyways, this show was alright, nothing special really. I'm not real crazy about the animation as the colors are kinda washed out and the character designs are blah. The characters don't have very original personalities either. In fact, Senna is voiced by the same seiyuu as Karin from Onegai Twins and she is also unhealthily attached to her twin brother like Karin. Anyways, I may keep watching this just for the opening and cause it may get interesting eventually. =P

In case you're interested, these are also 15 minute episodes like Final Approach and they are both aired as part of the "Princess Hour" (which is actually a half-hour, go figure) as they are both based on H-games by PrincessSoft. Plot wise and humor wise, I like Final Approach better, but W has a leg up musically. Hopefully both series will turn out to be good!


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