Yakitate!! Ja-pan Episode 2

Kazuma arrives at the Pantasia main store just in time to get deductions for being late as well as for his messy hair. Tsukino helps out by giving him her headband (very cute!). Kazuma meets Kowachi, who explains to him the importance of working at Pantasia, but all Kazuma cares about is developing his next "Ja-pan". Everyone is asked to make the bread of their choice and Kazuma decides to make Japan #56. Unfortunately, Kowachi decides to sabotage him by making him trip and drop the dough and then Kowachi purposely slips in the dough, ruining it. Kazuma makes a change of plans and makes Japan #16 instead which is a cool Mt. Fuji looking bread that apparently tastes delicious and is very good with curry (Kazuma for some reason thought curry was a Japanese food... lol). So only Kazuma, Kowachi, Tsukino, and a few others make it on to the next round, which is to cook a croissant. Kazuma now wonders who Kurowa-san is... (croissant is pronounced kurowasaan in Japanese).


I definetly enjoyed this episode more than the first (could be cause I watched the first raw, but I read the manga!), it was pretty fun and interesting. It's just funny to see the banter between Kazuma who knows nothing about the technical aspect of baking bread (ie. he thinks everything he makes is Ja-pan, but they're actually other types of bread) and Kowachi, who is pretty much an expert and does everything by the book.

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