Yakitate! Japan Episode 1


Mostly backstory (and exactly like the manga). Azuma Kazuma has a goal of making Ja-pan, or Japanese Bread (basically a national bread for Japan, like how France has French Bread). He has an inate skill for baking bread as he has "solar hands" that allow him to activate the yeast in the bread dough with the heat from his hands. Anyways, when Kazuma was younger, he and his grandfather both hated bread and had rice for every meal along with the rest of the family. Kazuma's older sister proclaimed that she was sick of eating rice and wanted to eat bread, so she drags Kazuma (literally) with her to a bakery where she knows the baker there. Kazuma refuses to eat any bread but his sister forces him to. He ends of loving it and the baker teaches him to make bread and notices his talent even at his young age. When Kazuma finally gets his grandpa to eat some bread, but he doesn't think it works well with his traditional Japanese food (miso soup and natto). So Kazuma and the baker go back to the drawing board and make a new loaf of bread, which his grandfather is enraptured with (to say the least...). The episode ends with Kazuma going to apply for a job a one of the biggest bakery chains in Japan, Pantasia.

My Take:

I've read quite a bit of this manga, so everything was pretty old to me. I thought the anime adaptation of this was pretty good for the most part. The characters look good, and the show is pretty fun. I don't really like Kazuma's voice, but I think I'll get used to it. Also the grandpa reaction scene seemed a little silly in the anime counterpart compared to the manga (I know it's supposed to be silly, but it was kinda weird in the anime). Anyways, I'll keep watching cause I wanna support this bread-baking anime. =)

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