Akane Maniax Episode 1

This OAV is a spin-off of the fairly popular series, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. It features Haruka's sister Akane and takes place some time after KgNE. Akane is still kind of down about the whole Takayuki thing, but a transer student named Gouda (with a very... interesting imagination) joins her class and instantly falls in love with her. The whole episode is basically Gouda's attempts to get her to notice him and him imagining them falling in love, etc. Of course, Akane doesn't want anything to do with the guy. =)


I wasn't the biggest fan of KgNE, but I still enjoyed it to a point. Akane wasn't really one of my favorite characters from the show (hell, I didn't really like anyone on the show really...), but Gouda is just insane. He's a far cry from any of the characters on Kimiga just because he is intersting and fun! Seki Tomokazu does his voice, which was a great choice for Gouda because I really can't imagine any other voice for him... Oh and don't let the mech stuff in the opening fool you, there is some mech stuff, but it all just stems from Gouda's imagination. So far, I'm definetly liking this more than Kimiga...

Yah, there's a lot of screencaps, but I just couldn't choose the best ones cause this show had some great stuff. ^_^;


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to see someone else enjoy Akane Maniax :)

If people are looking for my screencaps, I did my own little quick dirty review of it too. Akane Maniax OVA 01Enjoy!


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