Gakuen Alice Episode 1

Mikan attends a school that is about to close, but no one else seems to care that it is closing. At the same time, she finds out her best friend, Hotaru, is moving to a special school for gifted children that are called "Alice"'s . Hotaru promises to keep in touch, but even 9 months later, she has only sent her one postcard. Mikan decides to hunt Hotaru down after finding out that she used her own money to donate to the school so it wouldn't close down. Mikan reaches the school in Tokyo, Alice Gakuen, and is almost kidnapped by some guys who want a nice ransom, but is saved by a teacher at the school who apparently is gifted in his ability to charm others. However, Mikan is immune to his gift, so he figures that a good way for her to see Hotaru is for her to enroll in the school as well!


Mikan is basically Sana on ritalin, but slightly more bi-polar (she cries on a dime...). Anyways, this show was pretty cute, Hotaru is hilarious. Mikan kinda gets on my nerves, but that could change... The Hayama of this show is named Natsume, and it should be interesting since he actually has power over fire...

(Note: Discontinued Blogging after Episode 2)

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