Genshiken Episode 2

Sasahara and the others (sans Kousaka) go to shop for doujins and stuff, while Saki takes Kousaka along with her clothes shopping. Saki plans to seduce him despite his weird hobbies, but he's clueless as always. Saki goes to the Genshiken the next day and reveals that Kousaka has "anime porn" in his room!!! (the horror!) Of course they explain to her that this is very normal for an otaku, but she's not convinced.

She reveals that she knows nothing about Kousaka's personality, but that they were childhood friends (which anime fan's love of course, lol). Some of the guys in the club start thinking she's pretty cute because of this, and when Kousaka shows up to the club singing an anime song about "My first kiss" one of the club members suggest he and Saki do just that. Kousaka says he's ok with it and Saki says she's fine with it too as long as he confesses first, which he does. They kiss in front of everyone and leave, with Saki assuming they're going back to his place now. But, alas, the thickheaded Kousaka has plans to go buy a seiyuu cd and leaves her alone at the train station...


Wow, I was gonna stop watching this series but I'm really glad I didn't. This episode had some really hilarious moments to it, and just great satire of otaku life. I love how clueless Kousaka is about Saki, and I'm starting to like some of the other Genshiken members as well. They played the real opening song this time, "My Pace Daioh" which was pretty catchy and had funny lyrics.
Anyways, looking forward to the next ep and also whichever ep the cute cosplaying girl joins the club!

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