Genshiken Episode 3

The Genshiken goes to Comiket (the big doujin convention) and Madarame ends up breaking his hand while getting to excited waiting in line in the rain. He ends up being taken away on a strecher (much to his frustration) and the rest of the group goes shopping.
Ummm.. that's about it.


I agree with some other bloggers that this is kind of a boring episode, but there were definetly laugh out loud and chuckle-worthy moments. I've been to anime cons before so I kinda know the atmosphere that surrounds these things. I think the best part was when Sasahara started criticizing other con members that he saw ("he's dressed too cool!" "Why would he bring a girl??"). Anyways, cosplay girl from the opening shows up in the next episode, and the ep looks pretty funny.


I already watched Rozen Maiden 4, just haven't blogged it. For some reason bsplayer doesn't like Ayu's files so I have to watch it in divx player, which I can't cap in, so I'll just take caps later on. Nanoha 4 is coming up soon as well, in addition to a series wrap-up of Kimi wa Petto (I know this is a J-drama, but it's really good!!! and based on a manga, so it kind of counts, right?) depending on how it ends...

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