Kimi wa Petto Series Wrap-up (J-Drama)

Well this is the first J-Drama I have ever watched in full (I've seen some/most of Wedding Planner, SMLA, Koukou Kyoushi, Summer Snow, and a couple others), and I was not disappointed by Kimi wa Petto at all. This J-Drama is based on the manga also entitled Kimi wa Petto which means "You are my Pet" ("Tramps Like Us" as TokyoPop calls it...) by Ogawa Yayoi. I became really attached to most of the characters, especially Sumire and Momo, but also some of the side characters as well. Here's a short intro for those who haven't seen/read Kimi wa Petto:

Iwaya Sumire is a career woman that easily intimidates most men with her looks, success, and height. After being dumped by her boyfriend for being "too perfect" and then getting demoted in her job for punching her boss in the face(!), she finds a very pretty 20-ish young man in a box outside her apartment complex. She takes him into her house and decides to keep him as her pet, which basically means that she'll feed, bathe and give him a place to stay in return for him unconditional obedience. She decided to name him after her dog "Momo" that she had as a child (his real name is Goda Takeshi, a very talented modern dancer). Things are nice and peachy for awhile, as she has someone to love her and take care of, and he has someone to look after him and provide him with his basic needs. Of course things change with Sumire rekindling an old flame with her superior that she once had a crush on, and she soon realizes that living a double life is not as easy as she thought...

Even if you've never watched a J-drama before, I would highly suggest watching this one! The eps are about 45-mins long, but are definetly worth it as you didn't feel that it was that long at all! Also, since this is based on a manga, I think it has more humor than some other J-dramas might have. Just check out the first ep and see if you don't get hooked!

Spoilers below!!!


I was actually pretty happy with the ending. I was almost suprised that it ended that way cause I definetly thought that Sumire deserved what she got in a way, she was being really selfish and it seemed right that everything should have been taken away from her. However, I was actually very very happy that Momo came back, and the last 10 mins or so of the episode were hilarious, the whole airport scene as well as where both Sumire and Momo are talking to the psychiatrist guy. I'm glad everything worked out in the end, and I hope that Fukushima and Hasumi-senpai are happy together... in the end, I really hated both of them.


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