Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Episode 2

Another cute episode of Nanoha! This wraps up the first ep and Nanoha defeats the monster and gets a jewel seed from it. She finds out from Yuuno (which is the ferret-like thing's name) that there are 21 of these seeds and that they have to gather up the remaining ones spread throughout the world (my guess is that most of them will be in Japan tho =B). Nanoha's family falls in love with Yunno (especially her mom) so he's going to be staying with her. I'm not sure if she realizes yet that he's really a person, but it doesn't look like it cause she apparently changes right in front of him in the next ep, much to his embarrassment. At the end of the ep, another monster attacks, but this time has taken on the body of a dog so is in a more stable form. Nanoha defeats it pretty quickly and gets another seed.


Yay, this was a fun ep too! Nanoha's pretty cute, and Yuuno seems pretty cool, it'll be interesting to see if he turns back into a person any time soon (which I doubt). Anyways, looking forward to ep 3!

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