Mai-HiME Episode 5

Mai is feeling left out cause she's stuck working all the time while her friends are out having fun. They find out the reason she's working so much is for her brother and the feel sorry for her and don't want to be a bother to her (so stupid...). At the same time, there are a few bus accidents occuring in which people are being injured by some kind of Orphan monster. There's also some kind of clean-up crew that comes after the accidents with fake ambulances and erase people's memories of the attacks (these are also the same people gathering HiMEs for the school).


This was a good ep, some funny moments in the beginning about Takumi and his roommate, the ever popular Akira. Another thing that made me happy was development of the relationship between Mai and Tate, which they better develop furthur soon! I thought this ep was pretty fitting cause it was raining basically the whole episode, and it's been raining out here for the last couple days. =P

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