Mai-Hime Episode 6

Mai, Takumi, and Mikoto are asked by Shiho to help out at a wedding at her grandfather's shrine. While they are cleaning out a storage shed, they find a sealed door that supposedly contains some kind of monster or something. Midori (one of the girls that works at the cafe that Mai works at) has been sneaking around the area and gets accidently locked in the shed while exploring it. During the wedding, she accidently breaks the seal on the door, which contains a huge rock monster Orphan. Natsume shows up and tells Mai to call her Child, but Mai refuses, worried that it will go berserk again. Suddenly, Midori shows up again and defeats the monster quite easily with help from her Child (apparently she is a HiME as well, with wind powers). The rest of the wedding goes off without a hitch, and the next day it seems that Midori is now a teacher at the school! (tho earlier in the episode she told Mai she was 17...)


This was a pretty funny episode, and was quite enjoyable. Midori is a great character, and her battle with the Orphan was hilarious, complete with the "Seigi no Mikata" (ally/hero of justice) routine. Another intersting thing was that when Shiho expressed her concern that Yuuichi and Mai seemed too close, Mai told her that there was absolutely nothing between them and that she would cheer Shiho on. Hopefully she'll go back on her word with this.. lol

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