Mai-HiME Episode 8

Spoilers, yo!

The school festival is going on, and Mai, Takumi, Tate, and the vice-president guy get stuck in a cave below the school and are attacked by an Orphan. Also, we find out that Akane is a HiME as well, and after revealing it to her boyfriend, she is tested by Miyu who kills her Child. This causes her to lose her HiME status and powers, and therefore she loses what is most important to her... well that was short-lived (tho she apparently did some damage in an earlier episode that we weren't orginally aware of).


Pretty emotional episode, I kinda knew what was gonna happen before it did cause I think I accidently read it in a blog somewhere.. but either way it was quite depressing. Everytime I watch this show I either feel pretty disinterested or extremely engrossed in it... Hopefully more of this emotional stuff will keep up, but without too much angst, cause I just don't feel like it works as too much as an angsty series. I have a feeling that the drama will really go down later because of the fact that someone else is gonna go thru the same thing as Akane at some point I'm sure...

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