Rozen Maiden Episode 3

Everyone's getting used to Hina-Ichigo being in the house, and Jun is quite annoyed by her whining and such. She refuses to eat anything but her favorite food, which Nori can't figure out, but Jun is able to. In order to "stop her whining" he ventures out of the house!!! Anyways, he ends up going to a shop near his school that he no longer attends and runs into Tomoe in the store. She feels that she is leaving Hina in good hands because he was going to buy her the food she loves and was able to understand what she was talking about.

While this is going on, the enemy (Suigintou) appears through the mirror and Shinku and Hina are almost attacked by her, but she withdraws (after talking about "Father" and revealing that she sent the killer clown from ep 1).


Hina is pretty high on the annoyance level, but she's definetly tolerable for the time being. Suigin Itou seems pretty cool and I like her voice a lot. Another doll appears in the next episode, one with 2 different colored eyes, should be interesting.

I'm in the process of getting episode 4, so that should be up later tonight or tomorrow (unless I get all my CCS dvd's tomorrow, which have first priority).

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