Tactics Episode 4

Some weird photographer in the woods is taking pictures of pretty women he finds and after he takes their picture, parts of their bodies begin to disappear. A man enlists Kan-chan's help in curing his wife of the ailment, so he goes in search of the photographer. Unfortunately, Kantarou's editor is the victim of the photographer as well, so Kan disguises himself as a woman so he can lure the photographer out. It turns out that the "photographer" is actually a shadow lady who only took the photos cause she was jealous of their ability to smile. Haruka tells her to laugh, and she hesitantly does, and then disappears. Everything goes back to normal after that...

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At 1:55 PM, Blogger Tensai11 said...

Haruka's got a new weapon and he is not afraid to use it. Ladies watch out! ^_^
I wouldn't mind if he used it on me though *sigh*


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