Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Episode 5

Elfriede (the blonde vampire chick) comes to take Hazuki back to the castle, which of course she refuses to. Elfriede begins attacking her using her rat, but when it turns huge and touches the sleeping Kouhei, it crumbles and disappears. Elfriede tells Hazuki she'll give up for now, but will visit her later to see if she can change her mind. When Kouhei wakes up, he is stunned by her beauty and wants her to model for him (which of course makes Hazuki quite angry).

Elfriede comes back the next evening to the shop that Hazuki and Kouhei's grandpa are working in, and grandpa seems quite interested in her. Kouhei appears in the shop and Elfriede turns on the charm and flirts with him incessantly. Kouhei of course responds to this much to Hazuki's indignation. Hazuki prepares to fight with her again (by trying to suck Kouhei's blood for the third time...), but Elfriede leaves saying she will return again. Later, Elfriede says to herself that Kouhei is what is known as an "Ama Lamia" or vampire lover.


Another good episode of course! Elfriede adds an interesting personality to the mix of already insane personalities of this show. I think it will definetly be fun to have her around in the show, mostly because Hazuki hates her so much =).

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