Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ Episode 6

Kouhei, Hazuki and the others head to the main house in Kyoto for a visit (mostly gramps and Seiji want to find out more about the mysterious cat). Kouhei's young cousins, Kaoru and Hikaru, have apparently already staked their claim on Kouhei and Seiji, and one is very upset about how close Hazuki is to Kouhei, especially with her being a vampire and all... Elfriede shows up and wants Kouhei to meet her somewhere late at night. She ends up biting him and Hazuki finds out and is not very happy about it. Kouhei's cousins show up and think that Hazuki bit him and get very ticked off and attack her. Then the cat turns into a little miniature cat girl with an extrememly annoying voice... interesting...


Pretty cute ep, lots of really cool artistic shots and stuff. Kaoru and Hikaru are pretty cute, but I can see them getting annoying.

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