Yakitate!! Ja-pan Episode 3

Kazuma doesn't know how to make a croissant, but Kawachi tricks him into helping him make a really good croissant (which has 324 layers, when a normal one has 54 or at the most 108) by telling giving Kazuma a sob story about his starving brother and sister. Tsukino becomes aware of this but doesn't interfere. When the test comes the next day, Kazuma and Tsukino are nowhere to be seen. Kawachi assumes this is because he thought he'd get in trouble for them cheating, but Tsukino tells him it's because he didn't want Kawachi's siblings to be homeless. Kawachi ends up winning, but after finding out that Tsukino is the owner of Pantasia's grandaughter as well as the head of the Southern Tokyo branch of Pantasia, he gives up the position. It seems as though Tsukino has other plans for both Kazuma and Kawachi in her store...


Pretty funny episode, you gotta love how gullible and naive Kazuma is. Even with the annoying voice, you still can relate to him. Tsukino was pretty good in this episode as well... and it's hard to tell if she has a thing for Kazuma or if she's more manipulating.. oh well, we'll see!

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