Yakitate! Ja-pan Episode 4

Kazuma and Kawachi begin working in the South Tokyo store, but Kawachi is depressed cause he really wanted to work in the main store. Tsukino wants them to make some French bread, but needs the manager to approve it before they can sell it at the store. They meet up with a weird guy at the horse track that feeds the bread to his horse, but the horse won't eat Kazuma's bread. Many horse/bread jokes ensue and they learn that the weird afro guy is really the manager (duh...). Upon returning to the store, they learn that the manager's little sister almost died when she was younger from allergy to dairy products, and so none of the french bread in the store contains allergens. With this in mind, Kazuma and Kawachi need to make a bread that the horse will eat (they don't like rich stuff like butter) or else they will be fired!

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