Genshiken Episodes 6 & 7

Ep 6: Saki tries to find a way for Kousaka to be more interested in her than in anime and videogames, so she considers cosplaying for him or learning to play a videogame. She learns to play a puzzle game, but when she plays against Kousaka, he beats her mercilessly at it. We also get to meet Sasahara's sister, a ko-gal highschooler , who allows us to see a new side of him... oh and she tries to pick up Kousaka cause he's cute.

Ep 7: It's the new school year and the old chairperson resigns and assigns Madarame the job in his absence. There are a couple new people wanting to join the club, but Saki tries to scare them off so that the club will eventually dwindle down and have to quit (wait, wasn't she just trying to save said club a few episodes ago??). Anyways, the new guys are kinda weird and end up embarrassing themselves in one case and being embarrassed in another case, so they aviod the other club members and probably are never heard from again..

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