Mai-HiME Episode 10

Spoilers ahead! ...kinda?

The girls have an "Iron Chef"-like cake baking contest (for their makeup exams or something?) led by Midori. Hilarity ensues of course, especially with food-loving Mikoto involved. Also, some weird Orphans are unleashed and Akira goes out in disguise to rescue Takumi who is being attacked by them. Apparently it is also Mai's birthday, and they all celebrate.


I heard the rumors that Akira was a girl (and apparently also a HiME with a big metal frog Child), so I wasn't suprised by this. This ep was pretty funny, but I think it could have been a little funnier... I was pretty amused when the 3 helper people rose up from below, that was great. Anyways, the funny stuff is good, but I kinda am looking forward to more drama and angst soon!

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At 9:30 AM, Blogger Mentar said...

By the dynamics of the series, the next drama episode should be 12. Ep10 was comedy, ep11 is plot and character development, ep12 will probably be the next action/drama part.


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