Rozen Maiden Episodes 5 & 6

Episode 5: Suisei Seki plays a trick on Hina Ichigo and steals her strawberry off her cake. Seki claims that Ichigo was trying to steal her strawberry in addition to eating her own. This causes a war between Seki and Shinku (tho Shinku doesn't really seem to care) and Hina and Jun. Jun ends up using Shinku's favorite tv character, Kun-kun, to get her on their side. This all results in a huge mess, and Nori is noooooot happy when she gets home...

Episode 6: More of a dark episode, Suigin Tou kidnaps Hina and brings her into her world, and Shinku, Jun, Seki and some stuffed animals follow. Just as Shinku is about to be attacked by Suigin, Jun's ring is able to create a large amount of power that saves her.


Ep. 5 was pretty funny, with the best part being when Shinku was so upset about Kun-kun being angry with her. Very cute! There was a lot of super-deformedness and just general silliness, and it was just a lot of fun.

Ep. 6 was a lot more serious, dealing more with Suigin Tou and her evilness. There was also a moment (or a couple moments) where you get the idea that Jun is having feelings for Shinku. I don't know if these are "love" feelings, or if he's just starting to really care about her. Oh and it was great when she punched him in the stomach...

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