Uta∽Kata Episode 5

The girls head off to the beach again to watch fireworks, and a guy that Satsuki knew in elementary school shows up and hangs out with them. It appears as tho he has a crush on Satsuki (which she seems to as well), but he sneaks off with Keiko and makes out with her... which Satsuki just happens to see. Ichika and Mantasu transform using the fire djinn's power, and catch all of this happening as well.

Also, it appears as tho Kai and Sei know something about the mysterious woman, Saya...


Wow, this was a pretty depressing episode, lol. It was really cute and sweet until you found out that Satsuki's guy friend had other interests. I don't really think that Keiko really realized that Satsuki liked him or anything, but I'm sure that things are going to be tense between them for awhile at least.

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