Uta∽Kata Episode 6

Ichika catches Sei and Saya talking and gets kind of jealous I think... It begins raining and she uses her powers to call on the Sky Djinn and shine the light through the clouds. Ichika catches a cold and Manatsu looks after her. Sei shows up at the house to bring her a get-well gift and Ichika wants to ask him about his relationship with Saya, but can't. When he leaves, she discovers that he knows she was spying on the conversation and gets very upset... then her eyes begin to glow red. O.o


Kind of a depressing episode again, but this one was just sad. More is being revealed about Sei and Kai, and Saya, sort of... Ichika seems to be really down lately, and there's definetly something weird going on with her as well... guess this will all be revealed as the show continues!

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