Ah! My Goddess Episode 3

Keiichi and Belldandy search for a cheap place to live, which is basically non-existant. Belldandy uses Keiichi's last remaining 2000 yen to guide them to a place where they can stay. The money flies off and leads them to a buddhist temple. The monk there has them clean and repair the place in exchange for dinner and shelter for the night. While fixing the roof, Keiichi falls and is saved by Belldandy. The monk witnesses all of this and thinks she may be an evil spirit of some kind and sits outside their room while they are sleeping. Belldandy sneaks out and calls upon her protector, Holy Bell, and the sing together to restore some of the temple grounds. The monk also sees this happening and thinks that Belldandy is "more enlightened" than he is. He decides to go off to train and study more, and leaves the temple under Keiichi and Belldandy's care.


This was a good episde. I liked being able to see Belldandy's Holy Bell again, since I believe she was never in the OAV, only in the movie. I'm hoping Urd will come soon and liven things up a little, even tho I am enjoying it a lot either way. =)

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