Ah! My Goddess TV Episode 2

Keiichi decides to wish for Belldandy to be with him forever (shock!) and the wish is officially granted to his disbelief. Luckily, Belldandy seems pretty happy about this. Apparently there's a clause to the agreement that nothing will be able to seperate them, ever. Therefore, Keiichi gets evicted from his dorm (since it's male-only). He goes around trying to find somewhere to stay, but the "coercive force" keeps kicking in. They finally end up sleeping in a car at the school... (probably belonging to the automotive club).


Cute episode, tho not really much new for me since the OAV covered most of this (albeit a much more summarized version). Looks like they'll find their new pad in the next episode. I hope Urd shows up soon to make things a little more interesting... =)

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