Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 1

Shiratori Ryuushi is going to an art school in Tokyo, and goes to stay at an inn that his mom's cousin runs. However, when he arrives there he finds a cute high school girl named Kozue who is the manager of the inn (and his second cousin). Other tenants include: the resident drunk (sounding familiar yet?), a pigtailed elementary school girl (how bout now?), the little girl's mom, a cute girl with braids that's kinda scary, and an older guy with a dog puppet on his hand at all times...

Anyway, Shiratori gets a bit of a crush on Kozue, and she seems to have one on him as well. However, Megumi (the drunk girl), warns him about Kozue's "secret", telling him not to suprise or shock her for any reason. He finds out soon enough when Kozue trips on a carpet when entering his room and falls on top of him, causing her to black out. She quickly recovers, but she's a little bit different now...


At first this kinda seemed like a Love Hina clone to me, but luckily that didn't last too long. I really enjoyed all the characters in the show. Kozue is really cute, and the whole multiple personality thing should be interesting. I also like Megumi quite a bit, just cause she's one of those funny drunks =). I have a feeling that the show is going to be pretty fun, and the OP theme (which starts on the 2nd episode) is incredibly addicting.

Another note: the subbed version I watched was by K2MKG-FD (whoever they are...), and it was pretty bad. The translation was alright, but the spelling and grammar were horrid... I would suggest waiting to see a better subbed version unless you're desperate to watch this.

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