Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Episode 10

Nanoha and Yuuno get scolded by Lindy for acting outside of her orders, but lets them off easy. She sends them back home to relax for a couple days. Meanwhile, Fate is being beaten by her mother again, and Arf finally confronts her and is thrown out of the spaceship hurtling into space. Arisa finds her and takes her home where she nurses her back to health.

Nanoha spends some time with her friends, and sees Arf at Arisa's house. She asks Arf to explain what has happened in exchange for her saving Fate from her mother. Lindy makes the new objective to arrest Fate's mother because of her illegal research on their home planet as well as attacking their ship. Nanoha is about to head back to the ship, but calls out to Fate who appears and challenges her to a "winner takes all" jewel seed battle.

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