Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Episode 9

Nanoha, Yuuno and the others on the spaceship work to collect the remaining jewel seeds. Fate discovers that the final six jewel seeds are in the ocean, and she created a electric field that will reveal them. However, this uses all of her power and by the time the jewel seeds surface, she is completely worn out.

Chrono and Lindy tell Nanoha to wait and go collect the jewel seeds once Fate either dies or runs completely out of energy. Of course, Nanoha won't let that happen, and Yuuno opens a gate for her so she can go to where Fate is. When Nanoha arrives, she lends Fate some of her power so that they can seal the jewel seeds together. Unfortuately, Fate's mom shows up and sends out a shock that hits Fate, and apparently the other ship as well. Chrono uses the chance to get 3 of the jewel seeds...


Another pretty exciting episiode. This show is definetly getting more and more interesting to me... I thought it was pretty cute when Yuuno got jealous of Nanoha and Chrono, and I defiently enjoy the show more with him not as a ferret. It was also pretty cute when Fate was frozen with suprise when Nanoha lent her some of her power. I'm pretty sure no one besides Arf has ever been nice to her... poor thing.

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