Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Episodes 7 & 8

Whew, a lot happened in these 2 episodes compared to pretty much all the episodes before it. If you want a good summary of what happened, read here and here on Matthew's blog.

Basically, Fate's mom is upset (understatement of the year) that she's only gotten 4 jewel seeds, and she proceeds to whip her mercilessly. There's also another mage-kid named Chrono who shows up with the Time-Space Administration Bureau on a dimensional ship. He stops Nanoha and Fate from causing an explosion like the last time. He brings Nanoha on board the ship (while Fate escapes) to meet the captain, Lindy, and Yuuno transforms to his usual form (much to Nanoha's suprise). They explain their situation to her, and she decides to take them under her care. Nanoha goes home to tell her mom that she will be gone for awhile and explains to her much of what has happened.


These eps were a lot more interesting to me than some of the other Nanoha eps and it seems that the series is getting pretty exciting. I was kinda shocked by Fate's mom and how cruel she is, and you can kind of understand why Fate is so desperate to get the jewel seeds at any cost.

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