Mai-Hime Episode 12

We find out that the Sister is definetly a HiME now, and so is Yukino (and seriously, what does she see in Haruka?). Mai doesn't do too much in this episode except maybe save Natsume. A bunch of weird stuff is going on. Oh and the weird priest guy who seemed to be controlling Miyu and Alyssia isn't in control as much as he previously appeared to be...


Pretty good episode, I wasn't super-impressed, but it was entertaining enough.

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Whew! Sorry about no updates for awhile, I've been pretty busy with being on vacation, the holidays, and going back to work after a week off. I was suprised that not much really came out while I was gone, but that's probably due to people being with their families and what-not. Anyone interested in what I got for x-mas? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyways:

1. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - not as much fun as I thought, but it's KH nonetheless!
2. Jak 3 - didn't play Jak 2, but played J&D, which I adored. This one is fun so far... =)
3. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door - Haven't played much of it, but it seems pretty fun.
4. CCS Movie 1 - already seen it, but wanted the nice DVD.. shoulda asked for 2 tho instead...
5. Super GALS DVD 5 & 6 - rest of the 1st season! Oh yah.. I should watch this now...
6. CCS manga box set 1 - the differences between the anime and this are interesting... it's much more fast-paced. Getting box set 2 as a b-day present in the mail soon...
7. Giftcards, $$$ (yay!), makeup and stuff like that, and thank god... no clothes!!!
8. Stuff I bought with giftcards: Mario Party 6 (very fun!), Othello manga 1 & 2 (good manga!), Tokyo Babylon manga 1-4 (started out kinda slow... but I like it now), and of course Gravitation manga 9, and Furuba manga 6.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

Nice stuff there :) I got Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door too, and I've enjoyed it so far.

And lots of CCS stuff, too, yay! :)

At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww and i was so looking forward to KH: CoM.. i really liked CCS manga, there are some important pts in there they left out of the anime that i thought would have been really nice and would have made the story a little more interesting but whatever.. i still love it

oishii ^-^


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