Mai-HiME Episode 13

Ahh.. the dramatic emotional/relationship episode. I was hoping for something like this soon, it's been awhile. Anyways, there's some kind of festival at the school's shrine that involves writing the name of the one you love and wishing that they will like you back (or something like this). Mai gets invited by Reito and she accepts after some convincing. Shiho also has plans for herself and Yuuichi at the festival... As both of these couples seperate from the crowds, Yuuichi is about to kiss Shiho (since she convinces him she is no longer a child) when they overhear Mai and Reito talking about the mysterious occurances. Reito is about to kiss her when Tate yells out "Tokiha!" and they stop. Both Reito and Shiho (and Mai I guess) realizes that they like each other but Reito doesn't look like he's going to go down without a fight... oh and of course Shiho's pretty miffed by it too =). Luckily (???) a much needed distraction comes in the form of Alyssia's Child (dun dun duuuuun).


Yah, this ep was good. I really enjoyed all the fun relationship stuff. Shiho annoys the crap out of me so I'm glad that Yuuichi didn't go thru with kissing her. I'm a big fan of the Mai and Yuuichi pairing, so I hope that it works out for them eventually... tho that could just cause bigger problems down the road. Looks like that will be on hold for a little while now at least since they've got bigger problems at hand...

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At 10:29 PM, Blogger athena said...

Hey, I get to post the first comment! ;) Yeah, I've been longing for Tate and Mai to get together for a long time now too. It worries me a little, since we know what happened when Akane's Child was killed...but I figure you can't kill off the main character's Child...right? Anyway, Kagutsuchi seems to be the strongest Child. Can't wait til ep 15... ^_^


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