Melody of Oblivion (Boukyaku no Senritsu) Series Wrap-up

Wow, the last several episodes were really weird... Not that this show isn't weird by itself, but wow. Anyways, the Electric Sheep arc was pretty interesting, the whole thing with the Prime Minister and Koko (Coco) was suprising. I gotta say the best arc was the maze (eps 12-14 I believe), just had such great music and the suprise ending to the arc was great. I had to watch parts of those episodes over and over because I was so obsessed with it at the time, lol. I had heard rumors about episode 21, but it still didn't prepare me for it... MoO has always had a lot of sexual references and connotations to it, but this time they really outdid themselves =). I'm pretty happy with how it all ended, I was thinking they'd have a sad ending after everything else, but they suprised me...

Anyway, this anime is definetly not for everyone, it's very eccentric and has a lot of strange symbolism that I didn't understand half of... I enjoyed it simply because of the weirdness and because of the emotional/sexual drama that encompassed the entire show. If you're in the mood for something weird and just all-around interesting, this is a good way to go, especially if you're not offended easily...

Oh and the cow-girls... all I have to say is, wtf???


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