Peach Girl Episode 2

Momo and Touji are officially going out... kinda. Momo doesn't want people at school to know they're dating (so rumors don't go around that she's a slut), so she tells Touji to keep it a secret. Of course Sae knows everything and wants to screw things up for Momo. She tells Touji that Momo will want to kiss him right away, and then makes Momo think that Touji will expect that of her right away since people see her as a slut. Sae also leads her to believe that she and Touji are dating as well (since Momo doesn't know that Sae knows about her and Touji). Since Touji has never kissed a girl, Sae tries to get him to kiss her as practice. Momo and Kairi catch them in the act, which of course pisses off Momo. Momo confronts Sae about everything and decides that Sae tricked Touji into kissing her. Later, Touji takes her to the same spot where he kissed Sae and tries to kiss Momo, but she pushes him away...


That Sae man, what a bi-yatch... I seriously think Momo should just give her Touji since they kinda deserve each other, and run away with Kairi (he has much more personality anyways). These people really need to talk to each other about thier issues and things would be so much more clear... oh well, I guess this show and the manga wouldn't exist were it not for the many awkward situations. I like how well this is following the manga so far, and tho the animation leaves some to be desired, it's definetly standable.

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At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where can i find this anime to download??
i found episode 1 on youtube.. but now its not there as well as the other episodes.. i tried limewire, but all that comes up is porn unfortunately.


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