Tsukuyomi Episode 10

Kouhei's surgery is successful, but he's not doing too well afterwards. Hazuki goes to the hospital where she meets with Kaoru and Hikaru. Seiji blames her for what happened, but grandpa says that it's Kinkel's fault and he was the one controlling her. They leave Hazuki outside while the "humans" go in to try to awaken Kouhei. Unfortunately, their strength begins to waver as Hazuki comes in and bites Kouhei, giving him some of her life-force. Kouhei awakens and is basically as good as new.

Meanwhile, Kinkel is working on breaking Elfriede once again...


Lots of flashbacks in this ep, which was kind of boring. Overall the episode was okay, and I'm glad Kouhei's alright. I think this episode was important for showing that Hazuki isn't as selfish as she usually seems, and that she's more human than some of the other people in the show. I really feel bad for Elfriede too...

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At 6:08 PM, Blogger K' said...

definetily i will see this anime, but i dont think hazuki is as cute as you say i think tenma of school rumble kick more asses and dont need erotic poses that i hate them to make it when they say are cute, thas not cute that sexual and sexual is not cute its slutty. but well i see this anime that for sure.

At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Ebi Tenshi said...

All depends on your way to see the life; if you see, the poses sexual, than are sexual, but if you see them pure innocent you can see the real cuteness; the cuteness tha Hazuki have; Tenma is cute too but she's a little dumb...


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