Tsukuyomi Episode 9

With Elfriede on their side now, Gramps and she go to hunt down Kinkel while Kouhei searches for Hazuki. Kinkel instead finds them and they battle him for awhile and defeat him, only to find out that it was only an illusion. Kouhei finds Hazuki, but she is in a deep sleep, dreaming of her mother and is covered by thorn branches. Hazuki finally awakens to Kouhei's voice, but she has now become Luna. Luna stabs Kouhei thru the heart with her hand and sucks his blood. When Kinkel is about to finish him off, Seiji and Gramps appear and ward him off. Hazuki awakens and has no recollection of what happened, and they rush Kouhei to the hospital for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Kinkel escapes with an unconscious Elfriede...

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