Ultimate Girl Episode 1

Silk and her friends live in a Japan that is completely overrun with really weird monsters. Usually they are saved by UFO-Man, but as he is saving the city once again, he steps on the three girls. He transfers his powers to Silk and she awakens and transforms... into a giant girl as big as the monsters. Unfortunately as she is fighting (or getting beat up by it rather), her clothes start melting away but she is able to defeat it.


Another show by m.o.e. (read: loli-fanservice), but luckily Silk and her friends seem a lot less annoying that the usually m.o.e. characters (Rizel...). I thought this was pretty cute and funny. I especially liked UFO-Man in his smaller form. I like 15-min shows like this cause they're nice and quick to watch, so I'll be continuing to watch this one...


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