Uta∽Kata Episode 10

Sei is about to tell them about what's going on, but is cut short by Saya who tells him it's against the rules, and she turns him to stone. Ichika continues to starve herself, and then attempts to throw her charm into the ocean but it comes back to her. She is about to jump off the cliff into the ocean when Manatsu comes, which startles her and she falls anyway. Manatsu is about to save her, luckily, but they both almost fall to their death.

Ironically, the next day Ichika, Manatsu and Ichika's parents go to visit her grandma's grave at a shrine. We learn that her parents had a dream before they had Ichika in which Manatsu is talking to them telling them to treat her well when she visits their daughter for the summer. Ichika overhears some of what they were saying about a dream, and remembers her own dream... She then confronts Manatsu asking if she is her ally. Manatsu is not able to answer her because she is only her "guide". This causes Ichika to use another of the djinn's powers and calls on the Djinn of Darkness, which awakens the spirits of the dead, two of which are her grandmother and her dog, Shiro. Luckily, she doesn't do anything bad and turns back to normal.

Back home, Ichika slowly starts to eat again, even though she says everything tastes bitter and like sand. Sei doesn't show up for her tutoring, and she calls him, only to have Kai call her back and make up a story about where he is...


I can't say I enjoyed this episode as much as the last couple (evil Ichika is just more fun...), but it was still good. I'm still wondering what's really going to happen at the end, but hopefully it won't be too depressing...

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