Uta∽Kata Episode 8

Wow.. this show is getting really dark. Anyways, Ichika pretty much decides she doesn't really want to use the djinn's power anymore, but won't give up her charm thingy since Sei gave it to her. Meanwhile, we find out that what Manatsu originally said in the dream was that she was going to kill her as Ichika has the dream again. This time tho, Ichika begins strangling the dream-Manatsu and wakes up, completely forgetting what she just dreamed about.

The next day, Ichika does some volunteer work at the hospital where the girls in her class are bringing wreaths to the psych patients. Ichika brings hers to a woman who has lost her memory, and the crazy lady destroys the wreath saying that it doesn't have real flowers (they were dry flowers) and that it was "garbage". Ichika is hurt by this, while red-eye Ichika gets pissed and transforms with the Djinn's power much to Ichika's distress (she can't control it). The djinn calls on flowers to fill the room and it sends the woman into anaphalactic shock (tho after it made her quite happy). It appears that the woman had worked with her younger sister in a flower shop and developed a severe allergy to flowers. Having to live her life without flowers, the woman attemped suicide several times and in turn, lost her memory. After having this other allergy attack, the woman seems to have recovered at least some of her memories. Ichika becomes sickened by what happened and when she gets back to school she discovers the mirror that Manatsu came out of is missing..


Pretty heavy episode I must say... I know I wrote a pretty spoilerific summary up there, so definetly don't read it if you haven't seen it yet. It was interesting to find out some of the important plot points finally, and hopefully it will continue to develop in the last few episodes. Looking forward to the rest!

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