Uta∽Kata Episode 9

Ichika and pals go to Enoshima to hang out for the day. Michiru's little sister and her little boyfriend are on the train with them, so Michiru heads home so it doesn't look like she's spying on her. Michiru also cathes a glimpse of Ichika's eyes... At a temple in Enoshima, they run into Nozomu, the guy who supposedly loved Keiko (and who Satsuki liked), who is with another girl (of course Satsuki gives it to him good). They head to a beachhouse and the mood is pretty light, until Ichika can hear Michiru's voice screaming in her head about how upset she is about Nozomu. Ichika runs away and transforms against her will, calling on the lightening djinn. An electrical pulse sends the whole area into a blackout and nothing electrical will work including cars and cellphones. Ichika is able to snap out of it, and Sei arrives a little too late to have stopped her. He takes them home, and is about to explain to them what is going on...


Another good, emotional episode. I'm interested to see how Sei, Saya and Kai are connected to the whole thing, but I have my theories already. =)

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