Ah! My Goddess Episode 5

People at school start finding out that Keiichi and Belldandy aren't officially dating, so Keiichi decides to finally confess to her. Of course this decision is followed by sleepless nights and a lot of undue stress. Anyways, he tries to set up a romantic atmosphere, but as he is about to confess, Belldandy senses his increased heartrate and temperature and thinks he is sick. She rushes (actually, floats) him to bed and attempts to heal and sedate him. With his last remaining will power, he is able to finally ask her out and then passes out. Of course, she replies that she feels the same way about him. Awwwww... =)


This was a cute episode, and it's just so funny how awkward Keiichi is. You'd think he would have realized that Belldandy is crazy about him already, but oh well. Looks like Megumi may show up in the next ep... that should be fun.

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At 9:05 AM, Anonymous eisa said...

this show sound cool but i have never seen it not even read books


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