Ah! My Goddess Episode 7

Megumi finds out that Belldandy didn't get Keiichi anything for Valentine's Day and Keiichi is really depressed about it. Megumi tells Belldandy to make some chocolate and give it to him in a romantic place.

Unfortunately, Belldandy doesn't know any places that are romantic, so she asks Sayoko at school to show her somewhere romantic. Sayoko, being the bitch that she is, has Belldandy ask the biggest playboy in school, who takes her to a hotel... Belldandy resists his advances and attacks him with lightening.

Belldandy tries again and takes Keiichi to several unromantic places like a car show, a repair shop and a junk yard... but Keiichi finally takes her on a sunset cruise ship. Belldandy finally gives him his Valentine's chocolate and Keiichi gives her his White Day present in return. As they are about to kiss, Belldandy sneezes and the mood is ruined. Belldandy realizes that the Coercive Force is no longer working, and something is keeping them from getting too close.


This was a cute episode, if not a little pointless. I really didn't realize Sayoko was as mean as she is, mean enough to almost get Belldandy raped most likely... Oh well, at least it turned out okay. Looks like Urd's coming next ep (yay!) and maybe Skuld makes an appearance as well. Ah! My Goddess is licensed now, but I'm pretty sure the subs will keep coming... =)

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